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Total shake® is a natural, super-absorbable, nutrient-loaded formula to feed your starving cells and optimize your health.


Total Shake® is a near-perfect food created to detoxify and cleanse your body to optimize your health. It is formulated with 37 essential nutrients in a high quality, refined and fortified rice protein base, creating a low-allergy potential shake that is easily absorbed by the body. Total Shake® is designed to push these nutrients into your starving cells to reset your metabolism and create an abundance of energy. It supports the liver to cleanse your body of drugs, poisons and trapped toxins, resulting in weight loss, reduced inflammation & puffiness, and decreased pain. Used properly, Total Shake can help you achieve weight loss, end sugar and carb cravings, eliminate belly fat, create healthy skin, get better sleep, boom your energy levels, improve digestion and boost your immune system. Total Shake® is formulated to be free of wheat, dairy, gluten, corn, cane sugar, yeast, soy, chocolate, dairy by-products, artificial flavors, fillers, stimulants and preservatives. 

Total Shake


    Total Shake supports natural body processes for:

    • Weight-loss
    • All day energy
    • Gluten-free living and intermittent fasting
    • Ending sugar cravings and carb cravings
    • Stopping the source of bellyfat in its tracks
    • Getting rid of puffiness and inflammation
    • Unclogging your liver and boosting your metabolism
    • Handling skin problems
    • Producing glowing skin and lustrious hair
    • Eliminating trapped toxins deep in your body
    • Resolving gas, bloating, reflux and digestive issues
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